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From Raw Data to Review in 3 Easy Steps 
iCONECT with integrated processing module, DFP Live

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Data Volume
  • Unlimited Worker Expansion


Seamlessly integrated processing module and eDiscovery Review Software


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  • Reduce set up time - automatically process hundred of file-types
  • Gain instant access - load native and load files directly into iCONECT-XERA
  • Enforce project consistency - use template-based filed mapping
  • Expedite exceptions resolution - access exceptions in the pre-populated folders
  • Access all the data - set DFP Live to expand container files to their termination
  • Save money - maximize CPU usage to limit hardware requirements.
  • Support multiple matters - run processing jobs simultaneously  


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  • Let the data tell you the story - apply advanced analytics with machine learning to gain deep insights into the dataset.
  • Search lots of ways - keyword search with dictionary look-up, conceptual, faceted, and work product search - to find the facts.
  • Focus the review with Predictive Coding using TAR 1.0 or 2.0 workflows.
  • Optimize review time with near-dupe, inclusive emails, and conceptually similar identification. and document compare.
  • Create the perfect example document with XMPLAR®



  • Apply comments on any record, including video.
  • Notify colleagues of comments applied from within the review platform.
  • Search for and view comments across the project.
  • Select product language to match reviewers' languages: French, Russian, German, Mandarin, Japanese, English.
  • Track activity and progress from your smart phone.
  • Export reports to keep the team abreast of the project.


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  • Use your PC or your Mac
  • Open the system from any browser. No need for plug-ins or downloads.
  • Review multi-media content, video & audio, in the XERA platform.




  • Implement any of the 9 layers of security.
  • Access securely from any browser.
  • Customize data and feature access by user, group or role.
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